healthy, Nutritious micro-greens

3 Pillars to Sustain Life

  • Clean Air

  • Clean, Pure Water

  • Healthy, Nutritious Greens & Herbs


Your very own herb garden for year-round growing


Urban Cultivator indoor gardens can grow healthy and organic vegetables, herbs, and micro-greens in any kitchen.

Having an Urban Cultivator means you can harvest seconds before you plate, giving you access to fresh, organic micro-greens and herbs year-round.        


​Enjoying clean, fresh-tasting water every time you turn on the tap is a main reason to choose the worlds #1  Water Purifier, but it’s not the only one. From the certifications it has received to its performance and technology, it is easy to see why our water purifier is the best choice for quality water.

Bowie Bear International

Healthy Home  Living Package

World's #1 Air Purifier for the home

World's #1 Water Treatment system for the home

"Home" is not a word, not a place, not a house, but rather a feeling
Our Healthy Home Living Package gives homeowners that feeling... safe, secure and healthy.  The air you breathe, the water you drink and cook with and the herbs, greens and leafy vegetables you eat are all vital to you and your family's health.  Give your home the "feeling" your family deserves.  Get the "Healthy Home Living Package" by Bowie Bear International.

clean, pure water



The World's #1 in-home Air Purifier offers state-of-the-art air purification technology that features three filters: a cleanable pre-filter, a replaceable carbon (odor) filter, and a replaceable HEPA filter. The Air Purifier also features a remote control unit with five operating speeds, a programmable timer, an integrated particle sensor, and an electronic monitoring system that alerts you when the filters need replacing or cleaning. 

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Endorsed by Martha Stewart

clean air, free of contaminants

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